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Training & Education

The training or educational activities have been performed in partnership with other organizations. First, we would like to thank all of our partners who have assisted in this task.  

Car-Free Diet Arlington

In partner with Arlington’s Car-Free Diet, we had a half-day workshop and discussion with the immigrant community about the benefit and importance of the program. We encourage the community to use other alternatives to travel and for transportation.

Panel discussion on Domestic Violence

Ebenezer Community Empowerment (ECE) hosts multiple panels discussing domestic violence and bystanders and community response to domestic and sexual violence.  On this panel, several experts participated, and the debate was interactive with the victims and their testimony. In addition, it helps to educate the community to provide the necessary information they need to make informed decisions about a relationship, recognizing the signs of abusive patterns and their effect on the community. 


Census 2020 was an excellent opportunity for Ebenezer Community Empowerment to actively create awareness and make the community proactive in this Endeavour. We at Ebenezer, partnering with Census Arlington 2020 Committee, had multiple community meetings. The information was given as to the benefits of the process, and it was an opportunity to recruit volunteers to the project.


As an immigrant community, we value the democratic processes, but most don’t know how to participate as naturalized citizens. So, our organization was an instrument in delivering the information to the community and showing how they could be part of the process. To this end, Ebenezer Community Empowerment had meetings with interested community members to create awareness and assist in voters and polling stations. 

Covid-19 awareness and Vaccination

It was evident that the advent of Covid-19 created a panic among many community members. The lack of information was why people were confused and afraid. Since providing the correct information was crucial at that stage, we created a partnership with county administrations in both Montgomery (M.D.) and Arlington (V.A.). We created an open forum to discuss with the community.

Participation in International and domestic media Colloquium

We participated in discussing the current environment, strategies, and benefits of encouraging diversity with media representation. The U.S. Department of State organized the meeting. Meridian. Meridian International and different panel sessions discussed the status of social cohesion and diversity, diversity practices, and program success stories in the U.S. and Europe.   ECE shared its point of view on the role of ethnic media in building bridges among communities. The participation of us and other organizations.