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About Us

EbenEzer Diaspora Community Empowerment (EDCE) is an organization that exists to empower the immigrant community (Ethiopians and Africans) to thrive by providing the necessary information and building bridges that unite and strengthen the community to be productive and vibrant. EDCE started functioning in 2010 with minimal resources. At present, we have a working space at Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia, with solid and well-respected board members and an executive director. Both the members and supporters of this organization are dedicated and committed to achieving its objectives. We are also very proud of volunteers who participate and assist in our initiatives. Their commitment and dedication have made EDCE strong and sound. Our mission, vision, staff information, and target market are provided in the subsections below. They provide insight into who we are and our organizational mindset concerning solving the challenge at hand. Our length of industry experience coupled with our team of competent organizational staff members is sufficient to give us an eventful year. We serve our target population with services and programs that will give them more control over their lives and help them lead productive lives in America.

Our Mission

At EbenEzer Diaspora Community Empowerment Inc., our mission is:

Empowering our community.

EbenEzer Diaspora Community Empowerment Inc. has a clear mission – we want to help the Ethiopian and African immigrant communities by identifying the obstacles they are likely to face as newcomers in America and providing the necessary information to resolve these problems. That way, they will be better positioned for success in America.

Our Vision

EbenEzer Diaspora Community Empowerment Inc. has the vision to render services that transcend the moment into the future. In achieving this, our vision is to:

Create and provide a clear pathway for Ethiopians and Africans in Diaspora members to invest human and financial capital in their communities in ways that are beneficial for development and integration within the American society.

Our vision statement shows EbenEzer Diaspora Community Empowerment Inc.’s commitment to making this project’s impact last beyond the stipulated period that the grant covers. That way, Ethiopians and Africans will become productive and vibrant American community members.

What we do

  • To empower the immigrant community to thrive by providing the necessary information and building bridges that unite and strengthen the community to be productive and vibrant.
  • To provide them with the necessary educational, social, and cultural assistance and stabilization needed.
  • Through various media outlets, To Provide educational and informational programs that disseminate accurate information about their livelihood.
  • To contribute to their increased productivity and success.
  • To help Immigrants get employment opportunities and become job creators themselves.